Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 6

Day 6 already? Where has the time gone??? I leave tomorrow! :(

Today I was a bit late getting outta bed... Jumped in the shower, grabbed a banana, and was off to High Point with the Hickmans! Got to see Alex one more time today, that was awesome! :D Should've grabbed a picture with him, dang!

Also got to see LA and her fiance Pete! It was great seeing her again :)

Playing on the worship team was pretty cool, it was great playing with the people there :) Had I known, though, that there wouldn't have been another singer, I would've asked for a mic to be set up too! Oh well, it was fun as it was :)

After church, I went for lunch with LA and Pete, Ed and Kathy Chiu, and a few other people that came with the Chius. We went to Swiss Chalet, and I had the 1/3 rack ribs with rice pilaf and a multigrain bun. Pretty tasty! :)

Conversation was pretty great too! Filled in LA with what I've been up to lately, heard her side as well. Chatted about The Salvation Army, found out that I'm really not alone in how I'm feeling. Which was quite interesting to learn...

Afterwards, LA and Pete gave me a ride back to the house, and I took off on the bike right away to head downtown to Silk Road Tea. My purpose was to pick up some westcoast peppermint tea, but I got pretty much everything else but! :P I grabbed 8 different teas, they all smelled sooooo good!!! :D

Made it back to the house in time for dinner, we had waffles with home-made fruit compote that Ruth made. Sooooo good!!! :D

After dinner, we all headed out to the Gorge to find a few geocaches! :) We found four in total there, sweet! Then we headed back to the house, it was the kids' bedtime.

I didn't really take any pictures today, but I did grab a really good one from down at the Gorge :)

I showed the picture to Ruth and Peter, and the little one wanted to see too, so I showed her. I asked her if she thought it was nice, she said yes, then asked, "Was Jesus there?"

WOW LOL!!! I answered her, yes, because He is everywhere. She had a hard time understanding transcendence, but that's alright lol it was an interesting conversation nonetheless :)

I'm going to have a cup of tea, then perhaps do some stitching for a bit before bed. Tomorrow Ruth and I are heading out at 9am so I can catch a ferry at 10, I'm pretty excited for the adventure across the water! :D From the ferry, I gotta make it down to the airport to catch an flight to Edmonton. I'm pretty excited to see my friend Sam there, and my friend Beth! :D

Until then, goodnight! :)

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