Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 3

Wow, today was full of many adventures! This morning I headed up the Galloping Goose Trail to meet up with Alex for breakfast. Oh my, was that ever a nice walk! I ended up being almost half an hour late for breakfast because I took so many pictures lol! The trail goes over the water too, it was really cool! This is halfway across:

We ate at Spoons Diner. There is an option there for the Prusa: "Whatever the kitchen feels like making for ya. Yes, you heard that right. Your only input is: Breakfast or Lunch, Sweet or Savory, Vegetarian or Not. Feelin' lucky? We'll flip you for it double or nothing. You win, it's on us. You lose, you pay double. If you have allergies or are one of those picky I-don't-like-anything-yellow-or-that's-touching-plants people you're not allowed to have this. There, I said it. No Prusa for you!"

Seriously awesome. Thought I was not feeling brave enough to try it today... But I had the huevos rancheros, it was super tasty! Similar to the Mexi breakfast at Stella's, but a bit different.

From Spoons, we walked down Government Street, passing through China town. I found a store (passed China town) that had a bunch of cowichan stuff, I bought a plaque thing of a Haida frog to hang on my wall :)

Continuing on our adventure down Government Street, we found Bastion Square. It was like a little pedestrian street that had little kiosks set up.

We also saw a 3D chalk artist! He had done a server, but because I had already seen the 2D view, it was hard for me to see the illusion. Maybe you, dear reader, can see it better than I can lol.

Down on Wharf Street, we saw a "coin operated" mime playing accordion, who would only play a song after money was put in the box in front. Very well done, it was really cool!

We were on our way down to Fisherman's Wharf. On the way, by Laurel Point Park, we found a tree in Charles Redfern Park that was MASSIVE!!!

We finally made it to Fisherman's Wharf today (yay!), and it was interesting! There were house boats there that were decorated really cool lol many of them had something funny about it. One had a little pot with grass, maybe 2"x3", with a little lawn chair, and a regular-sized sign saying, "Please stay off grass." Another had a little boat the house, with a cover on it that says, "In-laws suite." Another house had some driftwood art outside, my favourite one being this:

Along the dock, there was also a bucket of chalk, and a note that says, "Where are you from?" And many people have written where they're from, including myself :)

We had lunch at Barb's Fish & Chips. I wanted to eat there, because that's my mom's name, and I had already posted a picture on FB teasing her lol. But as it turns out, this place is fairly famous, having been on TV in Korea and China. It was also listed among The Top 10 Seafood Spots by the Sea in North America by Sunset Magazine. Cool! Alex and I shared a 2-piece Pacific halibut platter. We got the fish grilled in garlic butter, holy moly was it ever tasty!!! :D

After lunch, Alex had to start heading towards work, so we walked back to downtown and parted ways. On my way back to the house, I found some wild blackberries growing! They were soooo yummy! So I found some more and brought them back to share :)

I also had stopped along the way back to the house to take some pictures of some pretty purple flowers, and I ended up finding a butterfly that had stopped for a snack! It was pretty content with me taking pictures, and I got a couple good ones :)

So I made it back, without really using Google Maps, that was a feel-good moment lol! By the time I leave on Monday, I'm going to know this city like the back of my hand! Peter and big bro got back not too long after me, and so while dinner was cooking (Ruth made a rosemary fig roast chicken, sooooo good!!!), Ruth and I and the kids went down to Beacon Hill Park to see the animals there. We were only there for about half an hour before they closed, but we got to watch the goat stampede before heading back for dinner, that was fun lol :)

After dinner, and after the kids had gone to bed, Ruth and I went up to check out UVic. Peter is trying to convince me that I'll be back here taking classes in a few years lol! I would actually, but the idea is only just being planted in my head, so we'll see where this goes... ;)

After UVic, we went up to Mount Douglas. Wow. Seriously, I have never seen such a beautiful sight than from up there. From the very top, there is a 360-degree view. Absolutely breathtaking.

While we were there, Ruth was telling me about geocaching. I've heard about it, but didn't know how it worked. So she showed me the app that she uses - which is c:geo - and we set out to find one. The first one we went for, we must've ended up on the wrong path, cuz we just found a dead-end with 200ft left to go. So we tried another, and we found it! :D Ruth left a Salvation Army kleenex pack, so that I was able to take an item in exchange as a souvenir.

We did get a bit turned around after finding the cache, and we got lost trying to make it back up the trails to the parking lot. I must say, I was pretty glad for the cell tower that was up there, it was our beacon back lol! As we were nearing the top, Ruth had seen on her app that there was another cache just 90ft away, but it was getting dark, which makes it hard. Plus there's cougars around there. So we came back to the house. And had popcorn for a bedtime snack lol.

A very great ending to a very awesome day :) Tomorrow I'm hoping Alex will be interested in doing some geocaching with me, I am completely hooked on this! But whatever tomorrow brings, it's gonna be awesome!!! :D

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