Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 7

I apologise, my dear readers, for not posting this last night! I had actually completely forgotten.

So, yesterday! I was able to say goodbye to Peter and big bro before they headed off on their bikes for the day, then Ruth, the little one, and I got in the car. We dropped the little one off at daycare (her first day!), then raced off to the ferries. We were a bit late leaving the house (partially my fault lol whoops...), so I was a bit nervous about getting to the ferries in time. But we made it no problem :)

The ferry was super cool! I was kind of expecting it to be swaying back and forth a bit, but I could barely feel it move at all! I sat inside for a bit, until we got going a ways, then I headed out to the top deck to get some pictures. Contrary to what Alex told me ("It's cool for the first 30 minutes, but the next 50 are just water"), I loved the whole thing! I sat outside for the whole time once I went out! And I actually wish I had gone out right away! Going through the islands was soooo pretty!

We even saw some harbour seals! :D

Once docked, I found my way outside and took a taxi to the airport. I had about 20 minutes before boarding, so I just went through security and headed to my gate. Turns out there's no food stuffs by my gate because it's a newer section, so they're still working on that...

It's a bit funny though, because I went from cross a sea of water, to crossing a sea of clouds... ;)

But once again, got a really great view of the mountains :) <3

It was a good flight, not very much turbulence except for when we were coming down, which is normal anyways. I even got to watch a couple episodes of Friends! :D

Landed in Edmonton, got picked up by Mike (my friend Sam's boyfriend), and it took FOREVER to get back to the house because we got caught in rush hour traffic on the Henday (it's like the perimeter around Edmonton). But we did make it back eventually lol. I was so pumped to see Sam! :D It's been 5 years since I've seen her last - it was at Nat and Jessica's wedding! So we reminisced about camp days, went through pictures on Facebook, watched Star Trek Voyager (heck yes LOL!), had perogies for dinner. Mike headed out to his friend's for a bit, so Sam and I played Frustration - do you remember that game? It's like Trouble, you have your pegs you gotta get around the board and back into your end, the die is in a bubble in the middle that you press to pop it to roll... It was fun lol

Then Mike got back, he got me some bedding stuff for the couch, and we all headed to bed. I was pretty wiped, so I didn't even think about writing this post until I was already snuggled up in the blanket lol!

But hey, better late then never, right? :) Plans for today, I'm gonna head out geocaching while the two are at work. Then I think Mike's gonna rent a wheelchair for Sam (she's got a broken leg) and we're gonna head out to Taste of Edmonton. Sounds cool! :D

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